Hey, remember Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2? Perhaps slightly overshadowed after release by the success of Wonder Woman (despite actually grossing more than it), James Gunn’s sequel is here to remind you that it exists ahead of its digital/Blu-ray home release later this month, by releasing a video for the soundtrack’s “Guardians Inferno” original song, featuring gratuitous guest star David Hasselhoff.

The video also features – under heavy costuming and makeup – the film’s stars Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff and Sean Gunn; but just in case you thought it was only the cheaper members of the cast that had made it in, Chris Pratt is also hidden inside a robot costume. Oh, and there’s a cameo from Stan Lee, which is hard to begrudge even though he didn’t actually create any of the characters in the Guardians films.

If it sounds like we’re being grumpy about this, we’re not: it’s a daft bit of fun that features Sean Gunn in a silly moustache and a healthy amount of Karen Gillan, so what’s not to like? But the relentless ’70s-ness of it is a little weird when combined with the presence of Hasselhoff, given that his thing was really more the 1980s. It’s kind of like when people called the first film’s soundtrack an “80s mixtape” despite none of the songs being released in that decade. In general, the Guardians films have stayed on just the right side of “Hey! Remember this thing from the past?”, Ready Player Onestyle box-ticking, with genuine thought given to how and why and when they make reference to pop culture. But just flinging a load of ’70s style stuff at the screen for no apparent reason – even if it’s got a nicely authentic picture look – seems to do venture a little into Peter Kay territory.

Anyway, there’s your needless over-analysis of a silly bit of fluff the cast did for a laugh to promote a home release of a really good film that I do actually love (check out our podcast on the film if you haven’t already). Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits digital release in the US tomorrow (8th August) with the DVD/Blu-ray landing on the 22nd. Here in the UK, meanwhile, we have to wait until September to see the “Mr Blue Sky” sequence again. Boooo.