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It was revealed recently that the next movie in the Bourne franchise will star Matt Damon and not Jeremy Renner. Renner took over for Damon in the last installment, The Bourne Legacy, but now it appears Damon’s coming back to it along with director Paul Greengrass. Renner recently provided an update on the status of the Bourne franchise, as well as Mission Impossible 5 and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Renner recently talked with Access Hollywood about the future of the Bourne franchise, saying,

“We’re still working on the Aaron Cross section of that and the worlds will definitely — hopefully — collide and they’re still a part of each other. I think it makes it really exciting that I think even Universal is sort of like ‘this is really fantastic news’ because now it’s kind of like the Marvel model where they have two standalones and then come back and meet each other.”

Despite what many people thought of it, I quite liked The Bourne Legacy, although it wasn’t as good as the first three, so it’s nice to see he’s still coming back to it. A Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross team-up movie would be awesome to see, and I really hope it happens.

When asked about Avengers: Age of Ultron, he said,

“I think everything that worked in the first one is exponentially going to be better in this one. I think the comedic relief, I think the action, is going to be bigger… There is more time spent with all of the Avengers together as a unit on and off the clock, if you will, which is actually really fun. A lot of secrets are revealed and more secrets are posed.”

The scenes in the Helicarrier were some of the best in The Avengers, where we just got to see them interact on-screen. It’s nice to hear more of that’s going to be back, but it’s also going to have tons of action too. Ultron sounds even more menacing than Loki, and a great(er) villain could make this movie even better than the first.

Renner also talked briefly about Mission Impossible 5, saying,

“Tom [Cruise] knows what he’s doing in that world and I’m just there to sort of follow along and bring what I can bring to every moment.”

So there you have it. Are you excited to hear Renner’s still coming back to the Bourne franchise? Make sure to check back here for updates on all of these movies and more.