Netflix has announced its acquisition of Millarworld, the independent comic book company responsible for Mark Millar’s creator-owned output, with the intention of producing films, TV series and kids’ shows based on the properties it now has access to.

More of an IP-management brand than a publisher in its own right, the Millarworld name has appeared on Millar’s creator-owned books as published through Image and Marvel/Icon.

The deal appears to include almost all of Millar’s creator-owned titles, from early examples like American Jesus (aka Chosen), through the likes of Nemesis, MPH, Jupiter’s Legacy, Superior, Starlight, Chrononauts and more recent series like Huck, Empress and Reborn.

Millarworld was created to license and manage Mark Millar’s creator-owned IP, and its properties have a track record of success – Wanted, Kick Ass and The Secret Service (which was adapted as Kingsmen) have already made it to screens and amassed close to $1bn box office between them.

Millar’s work-for-hire stories have also formed the basis for several recent studio adaptations such as Marvel Studio’s Captain America: Civil War (Civil War) and Fox’s Logan (Old Man Logan. Er, sort of.)

Notably, the trailer above seems to imply that the deal with Netflix gives them the rights to Wanted, which was made into a film in 2008, but not sister Millarworld titles Kick Ass and The Secret Service, the rights for which presumably remain with Matthew Vaughan’s company, MARV.

This is the first time in Netflix’s history that the company has acquired a body of IP outright in such a manner, and at this point it’s not clear what’s next for Millarworld in terms of its publishing output.

Netflix has announced that Millarworld will continue to create comics under the Netflix brand, though whether those comics will be published through a company like Image, digitally through a service like Comixology, or whether Netflix/Millarworld will be printing physical comics in its own right remains to be seen.

Regardless, this is a fantastic deal for Millar, who has repeatedly proven himself one of the most shrewd businessmen in independent comics, and most importantly one who treats his co-creators fairly. You can expect to see plenty of coverage of the upcoming series on Cinematic Universe in the future.