After the passing away of Adam West last week, we’ve now been given the opportunity to see one of the last roles he recorded – and it’s a nicely appropriate one for the great former Batman actor, to boot.

West had recorded a guest slot for an ultimately-unaired episode of NBC’s sitcom Powerless – but the show was cancelled before it was broadcast. Set to have been the penultimate episode of a twelve-episode run, Win, Luthor Draw saw West guesting as Chairman West of Wayne Industries – having previously narrated the show’s pilot episode.

In an unusual but welcome move, DC and NBC have chosen to make the episode available on Youtube for a limited time, as part of the DC All Access strand. And the fact that it’s not region-locked means that this is technically the first time the show has been officially available to watch here in the UK.


It’s a fun appearance, with nice little meta nods to West’s classic Bat-work. With this and the Return of the Caped Crusaders animated movie, it’s nice to see that West was still working up to his passing; indeed, a Caped Crusaders sequel movie is slated for release later this year or next.

Starring Vanessa Hudgens, Alan Tudyk, Danny Pudi and Christina Kirk, Powerless was a workplace comedy about a security firm in the DC universe. Hopes were high for the show, but it met with a lukewarm reception and after its short run and cancellation, it looks likely to end up as a footnote in superhero screen history rather than a particularly major event.

It remains to be seen whether Marvel’s upcoming Damage Control will meet a similar fate or not…