RDJ Teases Spider-Man Appearing in the MCU

4th November 2014 | by | No Comments

Rumors of Spider-Man joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe first began a few months back. After The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it seemed Sony was considering several different ways to regroup and put the character and property in a different direction. One of those was loning him to Marvel for them to include him a future Avengers film. While all of that is still rumor, this adds some fuel to the fire.

On his Facebook page, RDJ posted the following picture:
In the photo we see several key scenes from the past Marvel movies and where they took place in New York, one of which includes Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man. While any speculation from this should be taken with a heavy grain of salt, it’s interesting to see that he would choose to tease a possible appearance here. Marvel might have needed Spider-Man before, but they don’t need him now. While I’m sure they would take him if they had the chance, it already seems Black Panther has taken his spot in Civil War.

Would you guys like to see Spider-Man with the rest of the Avengers. Leave your thoughts down in the comments below.