LIVE Minisode:
Star Wars Rebels is really the first thing to come out, besides a few books, from the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney. The main concern after that acquisition is that Disney would make the Star Wars franchise just for kids and be as bad as the prequels were compared to the rest of the movies. While there ae a few childish moments throughout, Rebels for the most part is a strong start that maintains the same spirit and feel of the original trilogy.

The series follow a crew and their adventures, led by the Jedi Kanan, during the start of the rebellion. The main character, Ezra, is already a great and very likable character, along with the rest of the members. This specific episode has them trying to rescue some Wookies from the Empire. The episode is great and very rarely drags. While this show isn’t exactly as serious as say The Empire Strikes Back, it’s still very fun and more in the spirit of A New Hope.

The look and the feel is very similar to that of the original trilogy. Of course, they had to change some of the style from the movies to match the animation but it still keeps intact with what the animation should look like. They only complaint I had about the look of the show was the Wookies. Their look did not really fit in with the rest of the show or the Wookies we had seen before.

It’s made pretty clear from the start that Ezra is force-sensitive, and I’m looking forward to that plot-line developing throughout the series and excited to see where they take it. Kanan tries to hide the fact that he is a Jedi till the very end, when he absolutely had to use his powers. I don’t exactly blame him for hiding either, it’s a very bad time to be a Jedi. There are a few references to the originals, which is cool, including a specific cameo, but none of them distract from the actual story which is also good. There’s also a twist in this episode that I won’t reveal here, but I didn’t see it coming at all. While some twists can take away from the developing story, this one actually adds to it and helps it move along.

While this wasn’t a perfect episode, as it does have its flaws, it’s still a very promising start for what’s to come not only for Rebels but also for the rest of the partnership between Disney and Lucasfilm. It seems Disney knows what they’re doing with this property, and I cannot wait to see what comes next.