Watch the Riverdale Season 2 trailer now

24th July 2017 | by | No Comments

One of the many trailers to drop at SDCC this weekend was a sneak peek at the second season of Riverdale. The first season was a surprisingly tense, funny and self-aware piece of television that, quite frankly, ran circles around 90% of comic book adaptations. No-one on the Cinematic Universe team called themselves much of an Archie fan going in, but it’s safe to say it made us into converts.

You can watch the full trailer here, which gives very little away but makes it clear that the ridiculously beautiful cast and their melodramatic lives will all be back, picking up as if nothing left. You can catch it 11 October on the CW if you’re in the US, and on 12 October on Netflix in the rest of the world. And make no mistake, we will be catching it.

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