We head into Cinematic Universe’s new era with one of the biggest films we’ve yet tackled – and it’s so big, we had to get TWO guests to cover it! Making their long-awaited CU debuts are Sam Clements (of 90 Minutes Or Less Film Festival and Picturehouse Podcast) and Simon Renshaw (formerly of Picturehouse Podcast). And yes, there will be Bane impressions.

We also take a run through the latest comic book movie and TV news, including a breakdown of the Spider-Man/Marvel Studios, er, breakdown; but we should note that this was recorded before the D23 weekend, so we’ll be catching up on the rest of the news and any further Spidey developments with an upcoming minisode.

And there’s a new game at the end. Which we don’t want to spoil for you.

  • 00:00 – Intro / Explain a Concept
  • 08:14 – News
  • 33:48 – Movie Discussion

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