Okay, look: it’s Joker. Whatever we say about it is going to annoy somebody somewhere, right? But Seb and Caroline are joined by some bloke called Joe who apparently used to do a podcast, or something, to talk about Todd Phillips’ divisive, controversial, and possibly actually surprisingly a bit boring “not a comic book movie” comic book movie.

Regular listeners will know that we don’t ordinarily do a news section on new releases, in favour of a spoiler-free thoughts section; however, we had a lot to catch up on that we wanted to talk about, including the happy ending of the Spidey/MCU saga, the new Birds of Prey trailer, and that Brandon Routh costume in the Crisis crossover. So we take a spin through all of that, and then a brief tease of our opinions before we get into the spoilery stuff.

  • 00:00 – Intro / Explain a Concept
  • 13:50 – News
  • 44:38 – Spoiler-Free Movie Discussion
  • 49:50 – Spoiler-Filled Movie Discussion

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