Our time with Christopher Reeve finally comes to an end, as we tackle the awe-inspiring majesty that is 1987’s biggest blockbuster: Superman IV: The Quest For Peace. It’s in no way a competent film, we can all agree on that – but is there a way to approach it that means we might still get some enjoyment out of it? Is it in fact, pretty much the ultimate Howard T Duck Award winner? Join Seb, James and Caroline for talk of Milton Keynes, Red Dwarf guest stars, the rehabilitation of Jon Cryer, and an awful lot more besides.

Over in news, meanwhile, we discuss the implications of Oscar Isaac’s casting in the Ex Machina adaptation, The Great Machine; plus the cancellations of Marvel and Hulu’s Howard the Duck and Dazzler & Tigra shows, and the confirmation of Captain Marvel 2.

  • 00:00 – Intro / Explain a Concept
  • 09:55 – News
  • 37:05 – Movie Discussion

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