Episode 33: Captain America: Civil War (2016)

4th May 2016 | No Comments

Two sides. One conflict. You know the drill: it’s Captain America: Civil War, and we’re all a bit excited. But are we #TeamCap, #TeamIronMan, #TeamSpidey or #TeamMarisaTomei? Find out on our special release-week episode. As ever, there’s no news roundup this week, but we do a chunk of safe, spoiler-free opinion chat before delving deep – and we do mean deep – into the specifics of the film.

By the way, apologies for the lack of post-credits tease at the end of thisĀ episode – our schedules are a little bit in flux at the moment, so we’re not a hundred per cent sure exactly what our next main episode will be! But we’ll hopefully have more news for you on that score with next week’s minisode.