Have you had enough HOT TAKES on Suicide Squad yet? Hopefully not, as we’ve finally got around to giving you ours, in our last regular episode before Joe heads off to get married and stuff. Unfortunately (or possibly fortunately, from his perspective) Seb was too unwell to get to see the film over the weekend, but happily Joe and James are again joined by Amon Warmann to discuss the film that’s sparked fervent debate about just what’s going on with all of these superhero movies and are they actually any good for us? But more importantly… what did we think of the film itself?

For those who were wondering, by the way, we haven’t forgotten about theĀ Spider-Man 2 minisode – it’s just that we wanted to get this one out in as timely a fashion as we could manage. We’ll get back to that minisode next week, and the following week we’ll have the first of our pre-recorded episodes (the identity of which is revealed, as usual, on this week’s pod). At some point things will settle back down into a normal schedule, but August is going to be a bit unusual, so please bear with us week on week!