A new year brings some format changes designed to keep the main episodes a bit tighter – so of course this has naturally led to our longest ever episode. But it’s The Dark Knight – you didn’t exactly want us to run short on it, did you? We also take a look at some recent news including the uncannily-predicted-by-us casting of Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina, some upstairs shuffling of chairs at DC, and (it broke literally as we were recording) finally getting a solo Black Widow movie. The latest news on Gambit, meanwhile, broke just after we recorded – but check in next week for our new-format minisode in which we’ll ALL be discussing the news!

There’s also a slight change to how we’ll be handling recommendations and The Pitch from now on (stay tuned to the very end to hear about that), and after three years of explaining to Joe comic book concepts that he doesn’t understand, he reckons he knows everything about comics now, so hear us try to prove him wrong.

It’s the all-new, all-improved, no-but-seriously-they-won’t-all-be-this-long Cinematic Universe for 2018!