In 1996, Jack Sholder and Eric Blakeney made a Generation X pilot for Fox. In 2018, James Hunt decided that we should cover it on the podcast. It’s hard to know who you should be more annoyed at, really. Either way, join us for a light-hearted and friendly discussion that takes in Matt Frewer’s impression of Jim Carrey’s impression of Matt Frewer, the most baffling piece of product placement in movie history, and lessons from the Lea Thompson School of Irish Accents.

And this week’s news section is also linked quite nicely to the main part of the episode, as we look at a present day teen X-franchise-related screw-up with the latest developments on New Mutants. We also say hello to some familiar names in Captain Marvel‘s casting news, and wonder if Donald Glover has burned all his Marvel bridges. AND we’ve got a new edition of Comics Corner, as we react to the return of the Fantastic Four!