Well, this took us a while, didn’t it? We missed the slot for it when it came out in cinemas, because of Spider-Verse. Then we missed the slot for it when it came out on home release, because of Endgame. And we’ve even had a slight delay on getting it out to you after having recorded it. But here, finally, finally, is our Aquaman episode. We promise we haven’t just been avoiding talking about it.

But we do have some stuff to get through before we do, including a news roundup that takes in a whole bunch of Endgame aftermath and theorising (even if our box office speculation is already out of date), Hulu’s newly-announced Hellstrom and Ghost Rider shows, and the latest The Suicide Squad casting. Plus, there’s an impassioned min-review-cum-exhortation-to-watch by Seb of season two of The Tick. WATCH SEASON TWO OF THE TICK.

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