Okay, THIS time we’ve finally caught up with the MCU. We really have. For the first time since we began this podcast, there does not exist an MCU movie that we haven’t covered. And we’re celebrating with… a surprisingly large amount of argument. Yes, the reaction to Spider-Man: Far From Home is far from universal in these corridors, so tune in to find out which one of the three of us has decided to be a grumpy sod about these lovable high-school kids, and which of us is just grumpy about not getting to talk about Mysterio enough. As per usual for a new release, we’re skipping news and going spoiler-free for the opening section in case you still haven’t seen it yet, before going in-depth on the implications of those post-credits scenes and… any other stuff that happens in the film.

00:00 – Intro/Explain a Concept

09:20 – Spoiler-Free Discussion

28:25 – Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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