Infinity War: The Live Watchalong!

So in these unusual times, more and more people are turning to livestreamed video events. And Cinematic Universe is never one to shy away from hopping on to a bandwagon, so on Friday 3rd April, we did our first ever live watchalong! Seb and James were joined by the epic teamup of Caroline, Joe and Amon to watch Avengers: Infinity War together, chatting along as well as getting comments in from the Patreon-backer viewers who were able to watch along live with us on YouTube! And if you missed it at the time, you can now watch the whole thing (or, y’know, skim through selected bits) right here:

We were pondering whether to put the audio version of this out on the podcast feed, but there was just a little too much in the way of glitches (and reacting to comments that came up on the screen without actually reading them out for those who can’t see) for that to work. So you’ll have to enjoy it in video form instead!

From the reactions we got on the night, it seems pretty certain that we’ll go on and do Endgame after this, so watch this space…