LIVE Minisode: Let There Be Penguins

Yes, we’re doing the live minisode thing again, because nobody told us not to! Seb and James catch up on all the latest news including Venom 2‘s new title and release date, JJ Abrams taking on Justice League Dark, BOOM! Studios linking up with Netflix, the trailers for Stargirl and some other bits and bobs, including answering LIVE listener/viewer questions!

Once again, we caveat the podcast release of this episode with an explanation that because it was recorded over a video stream, we may be talking about things you can’t see onscreen (although we did our best to account for that!) and there may be occasional sound glitches due to the fact that this is entirely mixed by/over the livestream. We’d love to get feedback on whether you think these are still worth doing as minisodes, or if we should keep them off the main feed for as long as we end up carrying on doing them!

And of course, you can watch the video version here:

Thanks again to everyone who backs us on Patreon, for enabling us to keep doing things like this!