It feels like an age since we last did a Minisode, although – the Thor 4 news that landed after we recorded this notwithstanding – we didn’t find ourselves with a huge amount to talk about. So why is this our longest ever minisode, longer than the Endgame trailer one, longer even than all the doubled-up ones we used to call “Megasodes”? Well, because one of the things is The Sandman, something we’ve been waiting to talk about in detail for a while. Plus we run through a few other bits and bobs including Paper Girls, Kumail Nanjiani in The Eternals and Todd Phillips’ Joker comments. And then! We take a bunch of listener questions that we solicited on the night. Plus, find out what exciting film we’re doing for our next, and 99th, main episode…

Oh, and there’s a rare change in host for this episode. For reasons that will become quickly apparent.

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