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Daredevil’s current arc – Return of the King – sees Brubaker really hitting his stride on Daredevil, though it’s interesting how this happens just as he loses steam on Captain America, and now that his departure from Daredevil is confirmed.

It’s something of a concern to me that all any writer seems to be able to do with Daredevil is shuffle around the same combination of characters – it always comes back to Bullseye, Elektra and The Kingpin – but to Brubaker’s credit, he’s approaching things with a slightly new angle – a genuinely repentant Kingpin enlisting Daredevil’s help to enact his final revenge on the criminal underworld that betrayed him.

It makes for some great material for the character, and over the last two issues, the comic could more accurately be called “The Kingpin” rather than “Daredevil” – but that suits me just fine. Arcs from the Brubaker run’s latter-day stories weave in and out of this title, from Lady Bullseye, to Milla, to Dakota North, and it really rewards readers who stuck with the book during Brubaker’s initial warming-up period. From the Kingpin to Master Izo to Milla’s parents, not a single character in the book is treated badly, and the supporting cast of the series is as strong as it’s been in years.

As ever, lark’s artwork is fantastic, and he does particularly well with some snow-storm fights, which give the arc a unique feel, distinguishing it from the usual grey, rainy scenes we’ve become used to reading in Daredevil. On every level, the series is at its best since Bendis’ heyday, and that promises to leave incoming writer Andy Diggle with some positively huge shoes to fill. Following not one, but two critically lauded long-term runs on the series? The anticipation of that alone is enough to keep me on-board. For now, though, it’s time to simply enjoy Brubaker’s run all beginning to culminate masterfully, before he moves on.