Manufacturer: Hasbro
Line: Marvel Legends
Sub-line: Infinity War / MCU Thanos BAF
Character: Iron Man
Year: 2018


Marvel Legends figures are usually great, and this one is no exception. The figure shows Iron Man wearing the Mark L armour (as seen in Avengers: Infinity War) with some well-disguised articulations – it’s particularly well-done at the chest. The knees are double-jointed and the shoulders also have two points of articulation so there’s a decent range on the arms.

The figure’s hands are detachable with an extra left and right hand included, so you can have two closed fists, two open hands for repulsor blasts, or any combination of those in both left and right configuration. There are also two detachable repulsor blasts in translucent blue which can fit in the palms of the open hands or in the soles of Iron Man’s boots to look like jet blasts. Their shape makes them slightly prone to bending, but it’s not too bad – and besides which the figure looks better without them.

Other than that, it’s a fairly standard Marvel Legends figure – 6 inch scale (although this is a little taller), good quality plastic with enough detail and articulation to satisfy both casual buyers and collectors.


Is it too cheap to say everything? It’s a great representation of the Iron Man from Infinity War and it’s always enjoyable to see a new armour represented in toy form. Aside from the flimsiness of the repulsor blasts it’s a fantastic piece, and as you can see from the photos you can do a LOT with it. We can even forgive it for being a toy of the Infinity War bleeding edge armour because [We have redacted James’ 500-word rant about the best cinematic Iron Man armours -ed] in this case, it’s just THAT well-made.


It’s genuinely hard to criticise anything about this figure – the only real disappoints are regarding what it doesn’t come with. For a start, there’s no Build-A-Figure part so if you’re trying to put together an MCU Thanos, Iron Man isn’t going to help (though it’s just as well really.) And of course, a Tony Stark Looking Horrified That His Friends Just Died swappable head would have also been a great addition.

Rating: A